40 truths

Note: Last week was the 🌎 LeadSimple Open and it was 🤯🔥💙.

Today I'm re-sharing a banger from my guy Chad Brown.

I hope there's something for you here even if every point doesn't land.

Would you share which number hits the most?

For me it was #34.


40 truths over the last 40 years… by Chad Brown

  1. Ease is not the aim
  2. Love is a daily practice
  3. The 2nd, 3rd, or 4th drink will never give that 1st drink feeling
  4. Lasting fulfillment comes from hard work, commitment, and being resilient
  5. Never work for my worth
  6. I can’t break a golf ball open by throwing it at a rock, and it just might come back and hit me in the eye.
  7. No one experiences anything the same
  8. Comfort is the enemy
  9. See each moment as my last, because it could be
  10. Say yes to the adventure. Every. Single. Time.
  11. Surround myself with people with people who require the best of me
  12. Complaints are unspoken requests
  13. Every excuse weakens character
  14. This life is meant to be difficult, its not about how easy I can make it, but how I thrive in challenge
  15. Religion isn’t what it claims to be, “God” is in us.
  16. People are amazing
  17. Play is a practice
  18. Dogmatic expectations bring dissatisfaction
  19. Judgements are justification for my disconnection
  20. Confidence comes from commitment and discipline
  21. Some things never get easier, do them any way
  22. Attention and focus are rare and precious, use them as such
  23. Don’t tell people what I am about, show them
  24. Trust isn’t earned its a choice
  25. Own less, experience more
  26. Nothing is black and white
  27. If it sounds too good to be true, it is
  28. Believe people when they SHOW you who they are
  29. People make the best choice THEY SEE available at the time
  30. Nothing worth having comes without some suffering
  31. Just because you FEEL something doesn’t make it true
  32. You dont have to act from your emotion
  33. The only TRUE failure is not getting back up and going again
  34. How I keep my word determines the quality of my relationships
  35. I create all the results in my life
  36. It’s the little things that make a meaningful existence
  37. Self-love is the greatest act of courage
  38. I will be quickly forgotten when I am gone, so don’t live according to others judgements
  39. Reality is always offering feedback, I choose to listen to not
  40. Generosity costs me nothing, but gives me everything

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P.S. - The hardest people to exit from the org... "Incompetent but Nice".

P.P.S. - Greatest example of startup marketing ever? The music industry is 🫠

P.P.P.S. - Are beanine babies and crypto the same thing?

P.P.P.P.S. - How to lose weight in four easy steps... 😄️

P.P.P.P.P.S - I will be at Broker / Owner next week, come say hi!


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