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Why I Exited ProfitCoach

Published about 1 month ago • 2 min read

After 7 years I've exited ProfitCoach.

Watch the full story.

Why did I exit?

One word: Focus.

Long term concentrated focus on a singular goal at the exclusion of all else.

In practice this looks like saying no to fantastic opportunities I both believe in AND want to do.

If it's not excruciating to say no to - you're not really focused.

"The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything." – Warren Buffett.

Not only did I like my partners at ProfitCoach, I like the market, the problem area and deeply believe in the future direction of the company.

ProfitCoach is and will continue to be a success... and I sold it. Painful.

Yet I am clear this was 100% the right decision.

My role as CEO at LeadSimple is requiring everything I have to give and then some.

We're growing 80% per year and have added +50 team members in the last 24 mo.

I'm responsible to my team as well as the clients that have come onboard as investors in LeadSimple.

Half measures won't cut it which is why I'm now exclusively focused on building the backbone of property management operations here at LeadSimple.

Here's my question to you...

What's your #1 priority?

Your most important endeavor.

The thing you know will pay off if done with excellence.

The project you're willing to grind on for the next decade (there are no shortcuts).

What would happen if you gave it 100% of your focus?

Are you expecting greatness from partial efforts?

Burn the boats.

Go all in.


"“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”" - George Bernard Shaw


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