2023 National PM Pricing Report 📈💵

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Pricing is the fastest way to improve profitability in your business. Period.

And yet... pricing is mostly a dark art.

A series of incantations and anecdotal observations.

Operators talk about it as if it's fundamentally an unknowable thing.

Flat fee, percentage, three tier... no one really knows.

Here's what I know...

“A man with experience is never at the mercy of a man with an opinion.”

You know you want to improve your Revenue Per Unit. But how?

Which services give the most value to your clients & drive the most value for you?

It's time to find out.

What's included in the report?

We’re conducting this study on the most significant 25+ revenue driving services/fees. The study will provide fee-based benchmarking with analysis on each fee including:

  1. Service/fee structure
  2. Actual fee charged
  3. Optional vs mandatory
  4. Rollout timing
  5. Vendor involvement and cost

How can I get a copy?

Become a contributor.

Only contributors will have free access to the full results of the 2023 National PM Pricing Report.

I just reviewed some initial results with Danny and I'm 🤯


Secure the bag,


P.S. - Tom Peters on listening is gold.👂

P.S.S. - This is the best piece on leadership I've seen all month.


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